Project Description

Youth Entrepreneurs in Europe

Dear participants,
We are glad to welcome you to the youth exchange “Youth Entrepreneurs in Europe’’ (——
—) and are looking forward to meet you in Belgrade, very soon. Please, read all the provided
information carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us with anything related to your participation in the project.
About the organizer
Impact Grid (IG) has been established in the form of an NGO (e.V. eingetragener Verein ),
which is currently managed by seven members (two of whom are coming from and partly engaged with Steinbeis University Berlin – Institute Corporate Responsibility Management –
ICRM) and connects several experts.
It focuses on the topics of Impact Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Responsible Management, CSR, Environmental Sustainability, Digital Responsibility, and Internationalization.
It supports Social Impact Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Start-ups and SMEs by educating to be
sustainable social entities. Impact Grid regards innovation as a crucial component of companies’ sustainable development strategies and advises them on innovative processes to develop
products, services or models that are:
• Sustainable for the company and environment, and;
• Valuable for the society

Year of existence