is a non-profit youth organization, established in Republic of Serbia in 2014. Its members are individuals (young people, adolescents and student) between 14 and 30 years old. E:Y:O is a member of Youth Association of Serbia which gather different types of non-profit organizations and, as an independent body, represents the interests of all its members in order to improve living conditions and better standards of youth on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The main goals of are :

  • Respect for universal embedding a human rights,

  • Equality of people regardless of their race, sex, language …

  • Respect individuality and rights of minorities

  • Respect for Rights of Children and Youth

  • Social Equity and Inclusion

E:Y:O is a member of Omladinski Savez Srbije (Youth Union of Serbiawhich gather different types of non-profit organizations and, as an independent body, represents the interests of all its members  in order to improve living conditions and better standards of youth on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Our members have participated in different international projects, youth exchanges and training courses  supported by the EACEA which have been organized by NGOs from Serbia. The organisation members also participated, on a voluntary basis, in several Projects.

Also, for the Projects listed bellow, the organisation members participate  in preparation of the project activities plan, as well as coordinate  in the implementation of the project activites. Nevertheless, E:Y:O was in charge of complete project logisics such as: regular communication with partner organisations, selection of the most convenient bord and lodging and work space for project participants, etc:

  • „Film for Inclusion-Topola“ 10.07.-20.07.2015. Topola, Serbia
  • „Religion diversity“ 16.08-23.08.2015, Topola, Serbia
  • „Explore Youthpass“ 21.07-30.07.2016, Topola, Serbia
  • „TransformERS“ dated 26.09-01.10.2016 , Bulgaria
  • „Gender Equality“ 17.07 – 24.07.2017  Topola, Serbia
  •  „Intercultural Quality“ 21.08.-28.08.2016 Topola, Serbia
  • „TC Religion diversity and undrestanding“ 09.01-17.01.2016 Berlin, Germnay
  • “Youth Academy“ 03.03-07.04.2017, Berlin, Germany
  • „Social Dipomacy – Power of Youth“ 10.05-18.05.2017, Berlin, Germany

We trully believe that with the effort, work and commitment by the experienced and skilled members of the organisation in the implementation of the stated project could contribute to its success. In addition expertise of the team  will create added value not only for the project itself but also individually for each participant.

E:Y:O is a young organization, however, its members have extensive experience in participating, coordinating and organizing a variety of events, projects, workshops, training sessions and round tables in Serbia. Thanks to the experience of its members, the organization is thus able to, through various forms of training and education, both formal and informal, expand aquired  knowledge and experience to young people in Serbia and in abroad. 


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