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About the project

As many countries are reforming public education and considering the fact that, no formal education and intercultural learning are key elements in this transition, it is always more noticeable the need for recognition of non formal competences.

Perhaps, such issue is one of the most debated in the youth field, among youth workers and policy makers. One of the main steps related to the topic was the launch of Youthpass in 2007 with the aim of supporting the validation and recognition of non-formal learning in Europe within the framework of the Youth in Action programme.


Objectives: – To familiarize participants with the concept of Youth Pass as an educational program and its possibilities within and on the outside of Erasmus +

– To explore the 8 key competences and to give participants an understanding of what each competence refers to

– To give participants a clear understanding of Youthpass and how it works

– To develop participant’s competences in intercultural learning

-To contribute to young people’s personal development,

– To help them to set up learning and career goals by creating a safe atmosphere for non-formal learning,

– To develop participants’ life-long learning competencies, self-awareness and promote active and creative participation of young people in processes and events around them.

– To set up strategies for the better recognition of youth work and non

– formal education in YE context

Year of existence