Project Description


About the organizer

The organizer of the project is “Lule Albania”, a non-formal group from Berlin, established in 2014 as a follow-up of an EVS project in Tirana, Albania.

The initial idea of the organization was the implementation of project work supporting children with disabilities and their families in Albania.

However, we are now engaging in youth projects with all Balkan states.

We want to work with young people who are actively engaged in civil society who are willing to cultivate a critical attitude towards politics and history within their peer groups.

We are aiming at fostering social development and modernization through peer-to-peer education, hoping to encourage and develop a sense of civil responsibility as a striving force for social reform.

About the project

The Training Course aims at addressing the religious diversity and discrimination issues that are becoming increasingly pertinent in European societies.

Using interactive and participatory methods it will deal effectively with general prejudice and discrimination and seeks to provide adult educators, teachers and volunteers with tools for situations where religious diversity and discrimination are a concern.


• creation of respect and curiosity for religious diversity

• contribution to the understanding between cultures and intercultural learning

• promotion of values, skills and anti-discriminative attitude towards the religious diversity in youth work

• developing individual skills, competences and tools to harmonize mutual understanding in multi-ethnical societies

• creating the possibility for participants to come to terms with new ideas for transfer of new skills to their working realities in international youth work

• getting to know the meaning of living in an multi-ethnical environment (Berlin)

Year of existence