Empowering Youth Workers to Promote Green Careers – TLL activity in Berlin

Our dedication to inspiring young minds toward eco-friendly career paths led us to organize the highly successful „Career Guidance on Green Jobs Education“ activity as part of the „We are ambassadors“ project. In the lively city of Berlin, 12 enthusiastic participants from Germany, Turkey, Serbia, and Estonia came together to learn and share.

During the engaging sessions, we gained essential knowledge and skills to guide young people toward environmentally conscious careers. We explored creative approaches, arts-based methods, and sustainable education to nurture a strong connection to nature and understand climate change’s emotional impact.

An unforgettable highlight was our visit to Berlin’s Euref campus, witnessing inspiring eco-friendly initiatives and innovative green technologies. It motivated us to implement similar practices in our own communities.

We also learned to create impactful campaigns and engage young people in meaningful conversations about sustainability. We discovered successful models of climate-focused project-based learning and ways to boost young people’s understanding of environmental issues.

The cross-cultural exchange among participants created a supportive network of like-minded advocates determined to make a difference in their communities. Equipped with new insights and skills, we left Berlin with a sense of purpose, ready to champion sustainable development and create a greener future.

As we continue our journey with the „We are ambassadors“ project, we are more motivated than ever to empower young minds for a thriving and eco-friendly world.

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